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PAWZ Road Cat Hammock Toy Scratcher AMT0146

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A small amusement park suitable for cats of all generations, where both kittens and senior cats can play to their heart's content.

[Stable design] A high-quality cat tower that pursues stability and practicality with two thick columns to prevent shaking. It is highly recommended because it is full of functions that satisfy the cat's instinct.
[High quality durability] This claw-together pole is made from high-quality sisal linen and soft flannel as raw materials. It is a material that is harmless to the health of cats, and is safe as a toy for cats' claws and as a toy for chewing. It can be used for a long time compared to corrugated cardboard nails.
[Fashionable and unobtrusive to the interior] With a simple pattern, there is no feeling of oppression even when placed in the room, and it is easy to fit into the interior. Since hemp rope is dyed with vegetable dye, it is a claw tongue tower where cats can play for a long time with peace of mind.
[With hammock] With a circular hammock on the tower, Nyanko will be wrapped up and you will have a good night's sleep.
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