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PAWZ Road Plush Hammock Cat Tree Scratch Board Condo AMT0151

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Recommended for large cats Cat tower with outstanding stability!

[Just the right setup] Kittens and senior cats can play comfortably because they are designed with the road in mind for cats to climb to the top smoothly!
[Multi-headed breeding is possible] There are several places suitable for kittens or senior cats, so please be satisfied with multi-headed breeding without any problems!
[Relaxing hammock] Perfect for curling up and sleeping! Sitting in a swaying hammock, the cat gets sleepy.
[Two kinds of nails! ] The tower has a claw-together slope and a claw-together pole, both of which suit Nyanko's taste. In addition, the nail-together slope can also be used for steps.
[With toys that can be replaced] Comes with a toy that sways and stirs up the cat's hunting instinct!
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